About Us

The Moving Pixel Company (est 1996) is a technology company providing digital communications test instrumentation, consulting services, and manufacturing services. Our two primary markets are customers who need high-bandwidth data processing (as is found in real-time video) and wireless digital communications test (primarily high-bandwidth satellite comm).

Our hardware utilizes the latest in DSPs, FPGA, optical, analog, and manufacturing technology. We have developed an expertise in algorithm implementation and partitioning. We are equiped with the latest test equipment and design tools. We have a wide range of hardware, software, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering experience ranging from HDTV to satellite modems, prototypes to moderate volume (10k/year), small to large, low power to HOT, with products spanning the range of pricing from $40/unit to over $50k. Almost everything we do is customized for a given application and customer. This diversity provides our customers with unmatched time-to-market, product features, and cost advantages over their competitors.

Dragonfly Software Development Company is a subsidiary of The Moving Pixel Company and specializes in logic analyzer support packages for Tektronix logic analyzers. Our current products include support for ARM processors and differential logic converters for logic analyzers and scopes. For more information, please see the Dragonfly Software site.